Sunday, January 20, 2013

Story of my dream - 1

It was the first week after I purchased my new iPhone and I was downloading and investigating a lot of applications. The new world of my iPhone was just amazing! It was getting late one night so I decided to just look at one more app.  It just so happened to be a ghostly one! 

I headed on to bed and slept very peacefully. I didn't know my dream from reality when I ended up in a haunted house. My mission for the next hour or so, get out alive!

So it began! I was in a room which only had a couch and a table in front of it. The room was brightly lit and there was an adjacent room equally lit too, both rooms were separated by a big transparent glass wall. The light on in the other room started to dim. This made the glass reflect more light from my room. As the reflection got clearer, I saw that there were ghosts sitting besides on both sides of me! I ran for my life.

I ran through a corridor while the ghostly fog tried to attack me from opposite sides! I dodged one and then the next until I made it through the corridor without being attacked by a single one of them! 

I wanted to arouse myself from this scary ghost dream, but all forces were against me, the dream went on!

While I was looking for a way out of the haunted house, I discovered a small baby crying on the floor. Wondering who would have abandoned such an adorable small baby, I picked her up. I wanted to take her out of the haunted house along with me. I held her over my shoulder and after a few steps, I was unable to move. Something was pulling me back. I gathered up enough courage to satisfy my curiosity to look back. It was a shocker! To my amazement, the baby's arms stretched to the exact place where I had picked her up! Better late than never, I realized that I had picked up a ghost! I threw her off my shoulder and I started running again.

I found an exit unguarded by any of the ghosts, quickly I made my way out of the house. Sigh that was a relief.

Sounds like a happy ending, isn't it?

But wait a minute, I was checking myself to see if I was all fine. I happened to check my pockets, oh no! I had left my iPhone inside the haunted house!!!

The shock of my own stupidity woke me up. The night ended with my roommate's amazement and their laughter filling the silence at midnight!


  1. Hahaha, Dreams are a really good way to know what's going in in your head. So? The realisation of losing the phone woke you up?

  2. It would be nice if the baby was playing a game in ur iPhone :)

  3. Hahaha. Awesome one, sounds like some movie script :P. So much attached to iPhone, amazing. Btw, I thought you fight the ghosts, but you ran away..:( Keep Dreaming, Keep posting..

  4. Ha ha... Good one Raj.

    Waiting for dream 2 :)

  5. Nice one, make an app to scare ghosts.. :)

  6. Lol... Good one Raj.
    I think the baby is playing with your iPhone :)

    1. LOL, well now its your turn to go in and verify it :P