Friday, January 25, 2013

Story of my dream - 2

Dreams occur when one is not too tired, we would remember them only if we aren't too tired and sleep peacefully.

It was one such day when I was not too tired and I hit the bed early.

It so happened that the dream began with me and my sister walking on the pavement. It was near the dairy circle and she insisted me to buy an ice cream. The moment she demanded one, an ice cream shop out of no where appeared! But we had to cover a distance of 50 mts. to it.

While going towards it our eyes caught a guy coming towards us from the opposite side. He was the kind of person who made a shiver run up spine! He was tall & dark, with shaggy hairs and the looks would give you hint that he was a rogue. But in my case it was no hint, my sixth sense told me that he was absolutely not a gentleman and his intentions were not good! I was very sure that this guy was a thief and had come to rob us of our money and valuables.

I had a plan, I slipped my hand into the pocket and dialled "100" without anyone noticing. My sixth sense was right! He came right upto me, pulled out a knife and started demanding money. Myself and my sister were quite in a shock. I knew I had dialled for police and somehow had to buy more time and importantly let them know what's happening and where we were!

Since I knew that by now police would have received the call, I started shouting "I know you are a thief, you are demanding us for money! But I have bought none since my home is near Diary circle and am at diary circle right now. I Did not bring any money as I don't have any need now!". I was sure now that my message was delivered, my stress on "Diary circle" would have been good enough for the police to send in for quick help!

All I had to do now was to buy more time. I told the rowdy that we have no money, he didn't believe us. Well this was good for me as I needed more time. I took out the wallet and he found some money, I now was surprisingly bargaining with this guy! Trying to convince him that he only take half and leave us remaining as we were in dire need of it. My main intention, again, buy some time for police to arrive. Negotiations were on, this guy was stubborn and time was being spent. I was wondering what took so long for help to arrive. I decided to switch to "Plan B".

Plan B - This was just one guy, with a knife in his right hand. Grip his wrist, twist his arms, hold his neck and suffocate him. Snatch his knife out of his hands.

I gathered enough courage and the actions of plan B began to flow. Exactly as it was supposed to happen. In moments I had the knife now. Turned out that this fellow had a plan B too! I loosened the grip on him when I snatched his knife, he whistled and there were 2 guys at his service with knives in their hands! We could not have fought all three. We were outnumbered, and hence I promptly returned back the knife to its rightful owner. My sister was a shocked spectator all throughout this. A few people had gathered around, more to fulfil their curiosity than to help. Typical people mentality where they just watch and do nothing. I was still wondering what took so long for police to arrive.

I was still trying to negotiate with all three guys and then the police jeep came in, they arrested the 3 robbers and went off!

Now, the people around started discussing about who had called the police. After a while few of them came forward and asked "How did the police come? None of us called for help!". Then I explained everything which had happened, of how I suspected that the first guy was a thief and how I dialled for help without anyone observing. People praised high for my presence of mind and prediction.

Everybody left off from the scene.

I suddenly realised that I had never got a chance to disconnect the call! I took my iPhone out from my pocket and saw that I had actually called "108"!

The End!


  1. Haha, Nice one. The iPhone again, at your rescue.

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  3. Nice narration, but at the end I didn't get exactly what u meant... The 108 Emergency Response Services is a free 24/7 emergency service for providing integrated medical, police and fire emergency services.(

    1. They maybe integrated services but its not the same as 911 of US.
      Usually this is the followed protocol:
      Police: 100
      Fire squad: 103
      Ambulance: 108

      And that's the catch :P

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    3. Then who called the police... U have a secret follower!!!!! Watch around.. ;)